pa50 carb

I knoe i should have marked them when disconnecting but can anyone advise on where the all tubes connect to on this carb.

I think i've figured out the main fuel line, but i have a short smaller dia tube on the top, and another tube off the bottom of the float chamber.

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is the carb a Keihin? I haven't come across one with 3 nipple connections but you may have a Camino?

the one on the bottom of the bowl is a combination drain and overflow. Drain is by means of the screw on the bowl. Overflow by means of the long thin vertical tube inside the bowl. On the Hobbit it's tube snakes down to the left of the bike and goes into the center-stand spring .. at least thats the way mine is routed.

As for the third nipple all i can imagine is it's a float bowl vent and the vent tube's end would go to some protected area, preventing water and dirt from getting into the bowl.

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yup joew, i have the 3rd, it's a vent.. simply plug it to somewhere where wated can't get


Re: pa50 carb

Yes, my parts fiche says the top one is anair vent and the bottom one is an overflow. Both are suppose to have little spring clips.

Re: pa50 carb

Jason Luther /

thats strange my kiehin doesnt have the 'third' opening. its a 1978.

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mine neither.. but you can see the little vent hole (where a nipple often is) right next to the idle speed screw.

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thanks folks, it is a euro spec '89 model. don't know if its a keihin carb but it looks very similar.

the top tube is only about 6" long smaller diameter than the fuel line. the drain tube is about the sam size as the fuel line

The good news is i got the bike to start at the weekend, ran for a few minutes, i left the smaller top tube end unconnected.

I still have a bit to do, didn't sound to smooth, so no doubt i'll be posting some more questions....

Thanks again

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