Starting problems on suzuki AE50

Hello, I recently purchased a 1990 Suzuki AE50 and it just does not want to start. There is gas in the tank and I checked for spark and there is spark (I do not know how strong it is supposed to be). I also did a resistance test on the coil/igniter and it was within specs, but could not get an accurate reading on the magneto exciting coil (I think thats what its called). Can anyone give me any places to start looking? Thanks!

Re: Starting problems on suzuki AE50

if you got spark you got spark .. the ignition components would seem to be ok.

squirt a bit of Starter Fluid into the carb (or spark plug hole and replace the plug) and attempt to start.

If it fires up for a moment you've got a fuel supply problem. most likely due to a dirty carb .. If fuel is actually getting into the the float bowl (check it by opening the float bowl's drain screw if it has one.. or remove the bowl and look), then the main jet is likely clogged ..

If it doesn't fire, you already know spark is ok.. so it's gotta have some serious lack-of-compression problem.

Re: Starting problems on suzuki AE50

Yeah I have it fire up a bit but then dies out when I put some starter fluid into the plug hole. So I think you're right and I have a fuel delivery problem =( I'll have to find exactly what you're talking about and take a look at the carb.

Re: Starting problems on suzuki AE50

Thats good news.. sometimes just finding the problem's source is 90% of the problem.

It's not necessary to understand exactly how a carb works to clean it.. (but it helps)

Find some guidance on the general principles of carb cleaning, do's and don'ts .. search this forum and on the net..

prepare a large, clean workspace and label parts as the carb is disconnected, removed and disassembled with masking tape.. or take notes .. and take your time.

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