Gas tank treatment prep

Louie Armstrong /

My POR-15 kit will arrive tommorow. I hear that before I even use the POR kit I should take some nuts and soapy water and fill the tank, then shake the tank real good to scrape some of the flaky rust off of the interior surfaces of the tank.

Is this true, and how should I do it? Do I use soapy water or gasoline? Any comments would be appreciated.


Re: Gas tank treatment prep

gasoline is dangerous.. one spark and you're a candidate for a Darwin Award.. Anyway, wait for the kit.. it'll tell you how to do it.

After cleaning with their "Marine clean" or whatever to remove old fuel varnish and after the acid wash to get rid of residual rust and acidify the metal, i think they tell you to water rinse thoroughly and a complete dry with warm moving air, like from a hairdryer, before applying the tank sealer..

So, since you're gonna use water at some point anyway, knocking flaky rust off with soap and water sounds like a good plan. I've done it when working on my tank and soap/water is safe and free and unlimited in supply.

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