fuel flow and wobbly wheel?

when I disconnect the fuel line from the carburator, is the fuel supposed to flow pretty freely from the line (when the valve is in open position)? or should it trickle?

also, my front wheel seems to wobble a little when i go at higher speeds. is there any method to straighten it out?

Re: fuel flow and wobbly wheel?

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Fuel should flow freely, if not try it with gas cap off. Jim

Re: fuel flow and wobbly wheel?

if you have a spoked wheel, then you sure can true it up, but it may be a balance issue if it's only at high speeds.

As far as fuel, if it runs OK then don't worry about it.


Re: fuel flow and wobbly wheel?

About the wobble. If the steering head bearing is too tight, you will get a wobble at higher speed, specially if you let go of the handlebars.

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