Help! Finding Puch Nuts+Bolts

I Have lost at the same time both nuts that hold on the tail pipe and exaust bafel for both my Puch Maxi's. I have searched almost everywhere called manufacturers and suppliers including Brafasco and had no luck yet. It's a M7-1.0 (metric size 7 with a 1.0 pitch) It's Moped season and I am going krazy trying to find this one little nut that means the diffrence between my Puchs bieng on the road or sitting in the garage they are my only source of transportation. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a common problem for Puchs so some one must have found this nut somewhere, drilling a hole or altering anything that is not reversable on the bikes is not an option so I have to find this nut. I live in Thornhill Ontario and would rather buy it in the area, saving ordering from elsewhere as a last option. Can anyone help? and yes I have looked at Canadian Tire.

Re: Help! Finding Puch Nuts+Bolts

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Do you have Home Depot or Lowes? Jim.

Re: Help! Finding Puch Nuts+Bolts

John Joedicke /

Try Home Hardware

Re: Help! Finding Puch Nuts+Bolts

Marshall: 7X1.0 is a very common metric thread size.

If you do not have a hardware store tha stocks metric nuts and bolts, go to an automobile dealer that deals in a foreign car. Go to the pars department and explain to them what you are looking for. I'm sure that they will help you out.

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