Throttle cable adjustment on '78 Columbia w/ Sachs

NB0tt aholetechbro /

Hey all, I just got new cables in from mopedwharehouse for my '78 Columbia commuter with a sachs 505. The only problem now is it seems like the cable is too tight and the throttle is set on wide open now.

Is there any way to adjust this for slack or anything like that? I haven't really seen anything yet but maybe you guys know what I should look for.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!


Re: Throttle cable adjustment on '78 Columbia w/ S

Wes Lindquist /

I have a 1978 Columbia Commuter with a Sachs engine and it runs like the throttle is wide open. Speed can only be controlled by the brakes (after it is run up to speed).

I have replaced the throttle cable with a cable from mopedwarehouse but the problem continues. The throttle grip does move about 1/4 turn, and that corresponds with how far the carburetor jet travels. I'm guessing the the fault is not the cable, but an air leak that keeps the motor humming at full speed once it gets there.

It will idle at a low rpm when I first start it--but after I've accelerated, it stays at higher rpms. Nothing seems to be stuck in the carburetor.

Are these your symptoms?

Re: Throttle cable adjustment on '78 Columbia w/ S

NB0tt aholetechbro /

No, It was actually fine before. When I take the cable end out of the throttle handle it's fine. It's just that the cable is too short I think...

I'm guessing it's because the cable is for the sachs engine but not necessarly for the columbia bike itself.

My friend said to try removing some of the plastic (cableing?) to shorten up the cable itself and add more slack on the wire which would actually work.

So I took a razor and cut about a little less than an inch off the of the plastic housing but underneath that is like a metal coil wrapping around another small plastic sheath which houses the actually wire/cable.

So I don't know what to do now., I don't know how to cut out that plastic/metal wrap around stuff. Is there a way to do that?

Re: Throttle cable adjustment on '78 Columbia w/ S

you can unwind it but that's not too good of an idea. If you have a really really good pair of wire cutters you can nibble away at it, but you will probably damage your brand new cable.

If you cut the cable housing how are you going to take up any slack.

Before you loose any more length, have you tightened all the adjusters down? The "noodle" on the top of the carb should be threaded all the way in. Also make sure that the cable end is seated properly in the throttle slide. It may be stuck on the bottom, instead of near the top where it should be.

Most cables have some sort of adjuster that you can use to take up slack, just like bike brakes.

I'd also make sure that you have the cable set properly in the groove in the throttle.

Re: Throttle cable adjustment on '78 Columbia w/ S


Try using a dremel with a tiny disc cutter. Gotta love dremels. :o)


Re: Throttle cable adjustment on '78 Columbia w/ S

NB0tt aholetechbro /

Well I used a hack saw to take off the metal end crimp thing that's on the ends of the cables (not the wire but the plastic housing) and then used some sharp scissors to cut away at the twisted metal that was housing the cable and eventually a couple of pliers to twist it all away and it worked. Took a long time and there were many moments when I was afraid I had just ruined a new 18+ dollar cable.

Didn't brake it though and now everything is good.

got it registered today and was riding it around town for the first time.

Thanks for all your suggestions!


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