Engine Chatter

Got a question on my Puch, I'm running a 70CC Euro Kit with E-50

motor,it's not totally broke-in yet. When I back off the throttle It chatters, but under load I dont get the noise. Is this normal, I think it might be my clutch, I have taken it off and it had a little play in bronze bushing. Would this cause me more trouble in the long run? I thought it was chain slap. My chain did need adjusting.

Its not as bad now but still their. If anybody has and suggestions on this would be great.

Thanks Dean

Re: Engine Chatter

if the noise stops under load it points to a drive-line problem, especially the chain.. and if playing with the chain made a difference, i'd say you're on the right track ..

now get it exactly right.. wheel alignment, chain tension .. check wheel bearing adjustment.. sprockets .. maybe something hitting the engine casting or frame or something.. check everything that has to do with that drive-line.

Re: Engine Chatter

thanks Joew, I knew you know, what the hells wrong with it,

yeah the chain I never replaced since the overhaul, tried to purchase one local from atv store but they wanted $30 bucks for the same chain. I guess I'll order me one see if that makes it chatter stop. thanks again for the help...

Re: Engine Chatter

chain is expensive.. i bet they're not making more than a buck or two selling it even at $30.

i've tried to clean rusted chain and reuse it but it's wasted effort .. if it's worn out it's just not gonna work right for one reason or another.. kinks or weakness or it's stretched...

They say a chain can snap and wrap around the wheel and it's dangerous as hell, but that doesn't make spending $30 any easier :/

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