over heating super9

My new Super 9 has 250 KM on it. It has the restrictor in place to protect it for the first 500 KM. Here's my problem - I have a 17 miles commute each way. In the morning the Temp. outside is below 80 - I can go 17 miles with no issue (top speed 22 km/hr). If Temp goes over 85 in afternoon - I overheat after 5 miles. The dealer says its "Air in the radiator" but I've never heard of it and if its overheating in my mind, when it cools it would suck liquid back into engine. The radiator fluid tank is full (checked it myself).

Any one have a similiar issue when the bike was new?



Re: over heating super9

Jason Luther /

you are probably better off going to a scooter site. everyone here has air cooled engines.

Re: over heating super9

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Re: over heating super9

Louie Armstrong /

Get the dealer to fix it under warranty. You paid good money for that scooter and you shouldn't have to deal with the problem.

Re: over heating super9

Tom Winters /

This is an odd one. I can't see how the "Air in radiator" should have any effect. The coolant is circulated so there shouldn't be an air bubble in your cylinder jacket. Sounds like the fluid isn't circulating at all and when the air temperature is over 85 not enough heat is being dissipated by the air, so the temperature sensor lights. Also that tank shouldn't be completly full. It should have some room for pressure build up and for expansion.

I think you need to take it back to the dealer and be sure that they fix it before the warrenty expires!!

I have a Super 9 I have run in hot temperatures without any problem. My daily commute is 30 miles each way!

Tom W

Re: over heating super9

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Air rises and gets trapped in the system. a common problem with autos. Many systems have special bleeding procedures . Sounds like a poor dealer. Jim.

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