Garelli points

I need some help with my Garelli, I removed the cover on the right side of the motor to see why I wasn't getting any spark, the wiring the previous owner did was suspect, I noticed that the wiring around the points and condenser was spliced together in various ways. I need to know how to remove the circular piece that covers the points, I removed the nut in the middle but can't seem to get it to come off, am I missing something?

Re: Garelli points

Jason Luther /

you are referring to the magneto. it is wedged on there, and i usually use a couple pry bars, on opposite sides to apply _even_ pressure to pop 'em off. although i have never seen a garelli, some peds (like puchs) you cannot do this because the engine case is in the way. they make special tools to remove the magnetos which you might want to try if you are a little weary. but i have never had problems with pry bars.

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