Puch idle problem

80 maxi, idles super high. the idle screw doesnt seem to work since maybe the throttle is too tight. so i loosened the throttle as far as it would go and it still engages the transmission when idling. Its the origional throttle cable, so i figure its the right length or maybe its too short.

Re: Puch idle problem

Jason Luther /

are you letting the motor warm up and then checking idle? mine runs like a rocket until it warms up, then i t slows down to just right. if the motor is warm, then try adjusting the cable again. turn the idle screw out 1 1/2 turns and then with the air cleaner off, look into the carb throat at the slide. adjust the tension to where it just barely starts lifting the slide. if the cable is adjusted right, then you probably have an air leak somewhere. is the carb tight on the intake? is the gasket okay where the intake bolts onto the cylinder?

Electrical prob. Puch

Peter Piper /

I have the cable as slacked as it will get, and the idle improves a bit once its warmed up. I have the manual and followed the part that says wait til its warmed up the adjust the screw until the engine runs smoothly. I'm not too worried about it anymore but i do have another question for ya. So i cant get either rear lights to work. I think the problem it that my switch for the lights/horn is broken. could you give me a quick explanation on how the horn switch works, because i removed the horn because i couldnt turn it off when the engine was running. I think this was due to the fact that the smaller of the two gold metal contacts that are attached to the inside of the actual horn button was rusted away. the bulbs are good and the wiring besides that is also correct according to the manual.

Re: Electrical prob. Puch

Smitty Smith /

The Puch horn switch actually "shorts" the horn circuit to ground to cut the horn off. The horn spring-button inside the switch cap touches the horn wire lead when relaxed, and does not touch the horn wire lead when you press it. So, if the spring contact inside the switch cover is broken or missing, then the horn will continue to sound. I make a jumper wire to go between the horn wires, to complete the circuit.

As for your rear light, check the connectors going into the back of the tail light assembly, as lots of times these come unplugged. If that is not the problem, then check that you have power on the light switch. As for the brake light, check the connections on the brake light switches that are in the brake lever perches.

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