82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

I have an 82 roadster that was running fine for like 5 days straight

im not sure why but now it will bogg down when i give it gas?

almost about to stall? ill ride it and it wont go over like 7-10 miles an hour?

its like when i try to give it more than a lil throttle then the engine starts to not run and about to shut off so i let off the gas and it gives me enough to idle or get it moving about 5 miles an hour, used to go like 40mph now 5?

what is the problem please help

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

I assume you mean AMF ROADMASTER.If so,which one is it,the real one or the toy one with fiction drive?

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

roadmaster sorry

it has the v1 motor Italy

it will fire up and run but not go over like 5 miles an hour when i open the throttle up it will boggg down or want to shut off and stall out

some one help me or tell me what can be wrong?

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

What happened during the time just before this problem surfaced? Did you gas-up? Did you do ANY work on the bike? What kind of shape is that bike in.. all tuned up and tight or are pieces falling off. Did someone else ride it lately? Are there any other problems?

i ask because it's impossible to list all the possible reasons it's having that problem, and more clues would narrow it down a bunch.

right now i'd guess you've got a fuel delivery problem.. some piece of dirt got into the carb and the carb is flooding the engine .. or, fuel is being blocked by some dirt. Another possibility is the choke is not functioning like it should.

Get the bike running and make it bog and start to stall. Stop and pull the spark plug out and see what it looks like.. wet and fouled or dry as a bone?

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

i did gas up and cleaned the carb a few days ago

i have a full tank in there now

the bikes in pretty good shape nothing falling off the bike

i was riding it all day yesterday and it was running and then i tried to go down the street and it started to bog when giving a lil more gas than ussual

it has to be getting some gas to be able to idle and go like 8mph

maybe flooded since it wont go past that but i emtied the bowl and then tried it and still felt flooded?

what type of fuel dilevery problem do you think it is too much or too lil?

should i clean the carb again and see if i find any dirt? i dont know what to do, i guess ill clean it

what is the choke? how do i get it adjusted to funtion properly

i will try and run it and make it bog and see if the spark plug is wet and fouled or bone dry

what would each thing mean?

thanks alot really want this thing running good again

thanks so much any more hints?

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

I'm not familiar with your bike..

A choke is some sort of metal flap that prevents air from getting into the carb, and could be seen inside the throat of the carb.

When starting a cold engine, applying the choke makes the air:fuel mixture very rich and the engine is easier to start.

Once the engine warms up the choke is released. It is usually controlled by a manual lever or by a cable. If it's cable operated it's cable might be joined with the throttle cable or it may have a separate control lever..

If the choke is always closed, very little air can get in even though you turn the throttle.. the result is a rich mix and the rough running symptoms you have.. and top speed could be low like under 10mph.

A choke normally functions when either wide open or completely closed. (part way open might be good for really cold starts on cold days.. at least till the engine warms up.) It's cable and/or lever would be adjusted to get the full range.. It must be wide open for normal running... a partially closed choke upsets fuel mixture.


I asked if you filled the fuel tank before this started because i was thinking the fuel could have been very old or polluted or that you made a mistake when adding oil.. like adding way too much.

_but i emtied the bowl and then tried it and still felt flooded_

not sure what you're saying but if you emptied the bowl and got the same symptoms, maybe the symptoms are from a lack of fuel.

Unless you can think of something you did right before the problem happened, like change a fuel filter or switched mufflers or installed a new spark plug or something else that could have accidentally messed things up, dirt in the carb is most likely.

The only advice i'd have at this point is to do what you're planning on doing.. Check out the plug and maybe carefully clean that carb .. tighten bolts and nuts, check cable adjustments and stuff..

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

well i cleaned the carb, but it doesnt run as high as it used to, i think it went a lil faster before these problems

what do you think the cause of that is?

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

my friend had the same problems. He took of the exhaust and the exhaust port was clogged very bad. Check that.

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

the exhaust thing is a good idea ..

all anyone knows for sure is the engine seems to have some unknown problem. It could have two or more different problems and might include something other than the engine..

see.. there are so many possibilities.. did cleaning the carb make any difference? how fast does it go now.. it went 40mph before? The more details you can supply the better people can help.

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

yea i already did the exhaust once like a week ago?

can it get clogged again so far?

let me know

like i burned the carbon out the exhaust and cleaned the inside with a butter knife?

it goes a lil over 30 mph

thanks alot

Re: 82 AMF roadster BROKE HELP

okay today i was riding and it cutt out and started to bogg down?

whats going on is it a dirty carb again?>?>>?

i took the head and stuff off and it has alot of carbon build up like crust at the end of the piston how do i scrape it off easy and not mess it up with scratches??

i think my carb is shitty or my block is garbage im gonna clean everything full time this time around

anyone know what a good thing to use to clean the block is???

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