1991 tomos bullet

heyguys. i just b ought a 1991 tomos bullet 2 or 3 days ago for $300. my first moped. it has one specific problem, but i was wondering more what kind of general maintenance things i should be doing with it, what i should be checking and what i should be changing.

by the way the problem has to do with the wire to the spark plug. apparently its kind of shorted out, so you have to bend and twist it when it won't start. what should i do about that?



Re: 1991 tomos bullet

first find a manual .. there are a couple Tomos manuals HERE

read Fred's Guide for general tune-up info and there's other useful stuff in the Resources links at the top of this page..

As far as the ignition cable, unless you can determine that an end connection is at fault and/or the cable could perhaps be fixed by shortening it a little, it sounds like you'd want a new cable.

A new project bike could have anything under the sun wrong with it.. lube and adjust and examine everything on the bike, from stem to stern.. that will familiarize you with the bike and might reveal something that should be attended to immediately..

Re: 1991 tomos bullet

Don Pflueger /

a lot of the spark plug wires thread into the coil. you untwist them like a screw. more likely is in the boot tho. either way, you should be able to replace both parts.

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