shorting out an engine

how can i short an engine?

i have a 1983 general and i have been having problems getting a spark

i just want to short it out to get spark!



Re: shorting out an engine

Sometimes wires or switches have problems and prevent spark although the magneto can produce spark.

look at THIS thread .. it illustrates the minimum needed connections to test ignition for spark, assuming your bike has a normal points-type iignition and not electronic ignition..

Re: shorting out an engine

Don Pflueger /

if it has the minerelli engine, use only the red and blue wires from the magneto.

Re: shorting out an engine

Don Pflueger /

and if your bike has a battery, it must be installed and the tail light bulbs must be good for it to have spark.

Re: shorting out an engine

thank you vewry much for the help!

i will try that today!

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