nee d abattery for a general

I need a battery for my General 5 star its got part number 6N4B-2A-5 on it and it's 6 volts. Anyone know where I can get one or what web site to look it up on? Advance doesn't have it and can't get it. Thanks for help? Wardie

Re: nee d abattery for a general

It shows up on Yuasa's page .. HERE break>

and they got a "Dealer Locator" thing to insert your US zip code or CA postal code .. seems like you'll likely find it at your average motorcycle dealer.

That battery's size is a bit different and size might matter a lot.. otherwise i'd say replace it with a 6V 4 AH gell cell..

Re: nee d abattery for a general

I found the short only it wasn't a short. The battery is missing and I went through the entire wiring harness and found that if I grounded the wire that goes to the positive battery terminal I had spark. Good to find but it really sucks that I didn't catch this sooner.

Re: nee d abattery for a general

Don Pflueger /

ouch. that does suck. i have the battery. itsdead, but if you want it you can have it just to use in the system to keep from blowing bulbs.

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