a few painting questions

hello, i was just wondering if you still need a primer when painting bare metal. also would it be better to put on a rust preventor then a primer or something that has both in one can? also any painting suggestions would be great, thanks

Re: a few painting questions

A Primer dries with a more "open" coat .. the dried coating has tiny pores and is relatively rough. Primer does not waterproof the underlying metal. Use several very light coats of primer with time to dry between coats.

The hard, slick Top coat paints stick to this primer better than they do to smooth bare metal. Top coats need to be applied as thickly as possible without drips or runs forming. Technique differs according to the type of equipment used.

Once all rust is _completely removed_ any coating that excludes air and water will prevent new rust formation. As mentioned above, the open-coat primer is not waterproof.. All top coat paints are waterproof afaik... actually, any continuous waterproof coating will stop rust.. even a thin coating of oil.

You need air, water and iron to form common rust. Iron rust is soft and flakey and is only loosely attached to the metal. As this rust grows, crumbles and acts flakey, it cracks the hard, dried paint coating over it. This allows air and water to pass through and under the paint to form more rust.

Since getting all the rust off is often almost impossible, some special anti-rust type paints remain somewhat flexible when dry .. this resists the paint's tendancy to microscopically crack. And some paints have things added that inhibit the electro-chemical rust reaction. Best bet is to apply these paints as instructed on the containers..

Drop by a big auto parts or book store and get a book on auto painting.. or a book on vehicle restoration that includes paint prep..

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