'77 cimatti throttle problems

me again.. i figured out it wasn't the plug, but the carb.. cleaned it really well and put back together.. a bit of a problem witht he throttle cable/etc in putting it back together. i also took a suggestion from someone here to spray some starting fluid into the spark plug opening.. she started like a peach..

THE CURRENT PROBLEM: the bike is automatically in full throttle when you start her up.. i think i did something wrong when putting that part of the carb back together. please help.

i ran the bike a few miles this way (not smart i know) and after about 2 miles the carb cover (oovers the air filter) actually popped off and the bike died and now won't start again.




Re: '77 cimatti throttle problems

Justin Brownell /

check to see if the throttle slide is moving you may not have hooked that up right, and it may somehow be stuck in the full throttle that way.

I have no idea why the air box would have popped off. did you check to make sure you put everything back in?


Re: '77 cimatti throttle problems


thanks for the reply. the air filter/carb plastic housing cover just popped off.. i got it back and everything is fine and nothing is missing.

i have a feeling the throttle cable is not hooked into the slide correctly.. does it have to go all the way out the back of the slide (via the hole)? does the throttle cable go through the spring? i'm just confused as to how to put it back right. yikes..

thanks for you advice.

Re: '77 cimatti throttle problems

im having the same problem with my bike now did you ever solve it or have any information as to how the slide/throttle cable should be set? thanks


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