fuel injector cleaner

roadent$ craig /

hello, one of my friends suggested i put fuel injector cleaner in my old moped to help clean up the engine....just wondering if this would work or wreak my engine

Re: fuel injector cleaner

The gasoline you buy already has the fuel injector stuff in it.. the cleaners are a gasoline additive. In the past, only Premium gasoline grades had these 'detergents'. Now they all do.

So, whatever dirt you're now trying to clean out of the fuel system would seem to be resistant to fuel injector cleaner.

There are fuel injector cleaners and carburetor cleaners .. they contain powerful solvents. In concentrated form they can damage many things if given enough time.

Will they attack or be absorbed by any of the old gaskets, diaphragms, seals or O-rings in the carburetor or engine? Would they dissolve or swell a foam-type float inside a carb's float bowl? Who knows.. Who would be.. hmm.. stupid? no.. Lazy? no.. Who would be _brave_ enough to take the chance and find out.

Re: fuel injector cleaner

Yamaha makes a special fuel additive for cleaning fuel systems. Might be better.

Re: fuel injector cleaner

Don Pflueger /

it will tear up the engine. it washes the oil from the cylinder. do not use it or carb cleaner in your gas.

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