Re: 80 Puch Maxi compression?

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ok.. first off it seems you are trying to detect compression while simultaneously trying to detect spark. Why, i dunno. They are separate, unrelated functions and can be checked independently.

_Got the bike a few weeks ago and it ran_

Seems that the bike was OK before:

_I replaced some carb parts changed the trany fluid and cleaned and checked the piston and cylinder_

Now there's no compression? Did you reinstall the piston rings? Are the the head bolts tightened down? Whatever is causing zero-compression should become obvious. There's a huge leak somewhere.

Double check everything.. disassemble - reassemble whatever you did previously.

_I get a great spark when i take the plug out and ground it to the cylinder head while i petal. If i cover the spark plug hole with my finger while the spark plug is grounded to the cylinderhead nothing happens_

Your finger in the spark plug hole prevents spark. Why? If your body is not grounding the ignition, what could it be?

Are you simply failing to ground the plug securely while trying pedal, hold some lever, stick a finger in the plug hole while trying to ground the plug?

_If i take my finger completely off the hole then it turns over and i get sparks. and if i just barely cover the hole and i get sparks and the engine turns over awesome_ <-- turns over awesome.. If the engine turns over it turns over.. how it could be better or worse is somewhat of a mystery to me.


Forget about trying to detect spark and compression at the same time.

Install the plug. Spray some Starter Fluid into the carburetor. Attempt to start. If the engine runs for a moment, you've got a fuel delivery problem.

If the engine doesn't start, the trouble could be either no compression or no spark.

Zero-compression is somehow related to the work you did previously.

No spark is also likely due to the work you did previously.

This bike ran fine until you worked on the carb and cylinder and piston. Go back and double check all your work.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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