what is the chokes function ?


this may sound like a silly question but i own a 1980 qt50 and i dont use the choke and i am not sure what the choke does? so if someone can explain this to me it would be greatly appreciated.

thanks j

Re: what is the chokes function ?

It closes off the air so the piston gets a good squirt of gas\oil mixture for lubrication and ignition to heating things up. It's more important in the winter than in the summer but should be used always.

Re: what is the chokes function ?

Jeff Strahle /

its also used to bring fuel that may not be in the bowl yet into the bowl quicker then just trying to crank it over a bunch of times until it gets all into the bowl. Its just a more easy and efficient way of starting it.

Re: what is the chokes function ?

When starting an engine, especially a cold one, a whole lot of fuel is required compared to the amount of air required.. The choke blocks off air and so makes the air:fuel mixture "rich" enough to start fire up .. (the proper cranking air:fuel ratio is near 3:1)

After the engine warms a bit, the choke can be opened. Additional air is allowed in and the engine can idle without choke. (Idle mixture is "leaner" .. near 8:1)

8:1 means 8 measures of air to 1 measure of fuel, by weight. This is a leaner mixture than is 3:1.

leaner = more air or less fuel

richer = less air or more fuel

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