Transmission fluid change question

I have a 2004 Tomos sprint and i'm changing the tranmission fluid. My question is does the level screw unscrew clockwise or counter clockwise ?

Re: Transmission fluid change question

Lefty loosy like all screws.

Re: Transmission fluid change question

you need basically the biggest phillips head screwdriver you can find from your local hardware store...dont skip on this item or i can guarentee you will strip that screw and kick yourself. If however you get this giant screwdriver, taking that screw off is easy and re-tensioning it back on is a snap.

Re: Transmission fluid change question

Not to be pedantic, but there is such a thing as a left-hand (LH) thread - but in general, you only enounter them on rotating parts.

If a flywheel, shaft, mag rotor etc is rotating clockwise be on the lookout for an LH thread. The mag rotor nut on a Motobecane is an example of this.

If you think about a nut on the end of a clockwise-rotating part, inertia (and possibly drag from other parts, or engine oil) would tend to impart a counter-clockwise rotation to the nut, which would tend to loosen it. A LH thread is used just for this reason.

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