82 amf throttle stuck?

i have a 82 amf roadster with the v1 motor,

the carb gets stuck open or somthin, when i drive it the idel is really high and wants to pull me away at a idel, when im giving it full throttle it feels like my intake valve sticks and im not sure why it happens

when im riding it and give it has and let it roll back to idle it pulls me almost as having the throttle all the way back?

help me out?

Re: 82 amf throttle stuck?

well i found out it was a screwed throttle cable

where do i find one that will fit my bike?

needs a big end for the throttle handle and a small one for the carb

can any bikes work?

thanks alot

Re: 82 amf throttle stuck?

Don Pflueger /

sounds like an air leak. check intake and head bolts to be sure they are tight.

Re: 82 amf throttle stuck?

Don Pflueger /

mopedwarehouse should have them. i had found parts for my amf there.

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