80 Puch won't start

I got this bike from a kid a few weeks ago and it started right up. It needed a few parts in the carb so i took the carb apart and removed the engine from the frame, checked the piston and cylinder. I replaced the spark plug and the transmission fluid. Now I can't get it to start. Anyone have any ideas before I throw this thing off a cliff.

Re: 80 Puch won't start

could be a great many things. Check freds guide under 'articles'. it is a great resource.

Re: 80 Puch won't start

Spray some Starter Fluid in the carb (or spark plug hole) and try to start. If it starts, you have a carb problem... no fuel is being delivered.

If no start, you've got an electrical problem.. Check for spark by removing the plug, grounding the plug's base to the engine block and kick it over.. should be a spark .. if not, most likely some wiring trouble since the ignition components are ok (or were a few weeks ago). Most likely wiring trouble would involve the ignition switch or kill switch wiring.

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