mobylette variateur

hiy everyone.I'm dutch so my english is not good

Is it possible to remove the dimoby clutch of my mobylette and replace it with a variator for a mobylette?

Or is my crank too short?

Re: mobylette variateur

Hi, Peter! Don't worry about your English, it looks perfectly good to me.

I'm not positive, but I think it would be hard to adapt your Mobylette for a variator. Because the distance between the variator and the driven pulley changes as the variator expands, the motor has to be on flexible mounts. I don't know if your frame can accomodate those. Also, the exhaust on a variator engine can't be rigidly attached to the frame, again because it needs to be able to move. So variator engines have a short "blunderbuss" exhaust, and you probably have a longer, more traditional exhaust.

Some bikes have a rear variator that shrinks at high RPMs as the front one expands, so the distance never changes and the engine can be rigidly mounted. I don't know if they made any Mobylettes like that, though.

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my frame can accomodate the flexible mounts.

The exhaust is short like a mobylette with variator because its a mobylette n50 and a mobylette 50v is the same mobylette only he has a variator(V) and a bigger rear thooth wheel. but i dont now that the variator works on my mobylette because of the length of my crank

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I have it from reliable sources that the variator should just bolt up & run on your bike. You will need to change the rear sprocket, and probably get a longer chain as well.

Re: mobylette variateur

do I need a special bolt for the variator?

I have an exloded view of a dimoby clutch and an exploded view of a variator. It's not clearly but it looks like i need another bolt.

Does anyone have expierence with this?

Re: mobylette variateur

yeah, the variator bolt is long and deep, but it will fit on your bike. I have heard that the variator will not open up untill about 26mph when used with a small rear sprocket.

Re: mobylette variateur

does somebody have a close up view of the variator when he is open? thanks!

Re: mobylette variateur

page R0 36 variator diagram, and exploded view

Re: mobylette variateur

Is the coupling plate on a mobylette with variator ,that is one with the crankshaft (sorry a'm dutch and I cannot translate it good) , different with the coupling plate of a mobylette whitout variator? I think I need also another nut to lock tehe coupling plate(?variator drum?).

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