spark plug ? question

i have a ngk bh5s spark plug and in the manual it says run bh5s in the cold weather and bh6s in the warm weather?

what should i do? buy a bh6s? or still ride with my new bh5s?

thanks alot

Re: spark plug ? question

when they talk about cold weather they mean cold.. like near freezing and below. It won't do any harm to follow the manual's advice. Get a couple of each type. Change to the colder plug (BH6S) in the spring.

Anyway, it's nice to have a couple spares laying around. If the engine starts misfiring or acting up, first thing to try is a new plug.

Re: spark plug ? question

yeah i got my old bh5s that works but i got a new one for my ped


so i can runs bh5s now and it will be fine?

Re: spark plug ? question

you got a '81 AMF like in your profile?

They decided on what plugs to use on that bike when it was brand spanking new with zero miles and all tuned up just like the factory set it up.. who knows what's going on now.. and who could guarantee that it would now be fine with _either_ plug?

If you're concerned about it, give the bike a tune up and keep an eye on things. If you do some long, high speed rides in hot weather you might want to put the cooler plug in just to be safe.

Re: spark plug ? question

well i read the manual for the bike to see which plug to use, but i might buy the other plug just to be safe,

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