Plugs in Boston/Somerville


I'm new to the moped world and need some help. For people in my area, where do you go for parts and stuff. I have been having no luck at all tracking down even the correct spark plug for my Bravo.

Maybe I am looking for the wong plug, but I found a list on line that gave me RL86C as the proper plug for my moped. I can't find anyone that carries these or their NGK equivalent (BR6H5). Anyone know a place that has these or if a different plug will be ok to put in???



Re: Plugs in Boston/Somerville

have you checked any motorcycle shops? i live up on the north shore and i get a lot of stuff from my local cycles128!

Re: Plugs in Boston/Somerville

I've tried a few motorcycle shops, but no luck. What type of plug do you use??

Re: Plugs in Boston/Somerville

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Hey Chris, what plug is in your bike now? Jim.

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