got a carbon problem?

Jason Luther /

last night i soaked my piston and rings overnight in carb cleaner. didnt really do anything. then i remember a while back you guys talking about sea-foam engine tune up in a can stuff. well i had some from about a year ago (worked great on my old saturn by the way) and i stumbled across it this morning. after soaking for about 1/2 hour, it took off all of the carbon. for 3 bucks a can, its great. just look for the metal pint sized can that looks like its been on the shelf since 1972.

Re: got a carbon problem?

the Material data safety sheet says its got 3 components..



1 PALE OIL 40-60% (some kinda non-staining naphthenic oil ?)

2 NAPHTHA 25-35% (lighter fluid)

3 IPA 10-20% (isopropyl alcohol)

Re: got a carbon problem?

Jason Luther /

im still amazed at what you can find on the web. really the only two sites i go to are this one and noaa's

Re: got a carbon problem?

this one was easy .. Google "sea foam" and their home page pops up at the top of the list.

3 of the 4 products have the same ingredients.. my guess is the " SEA FOAM BUGS-B-GONE" is the same stuff.. but the MSDS doesn't list them.

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