motobecane 50v crank seals

Hi all,

My 50v needs new crank seals, but I cant get the clutch or flywheel off, so I cant split the case halves.

can anyone give me advice on how to accomplish this?



Re: motobecane 50v crank seals

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

you can buy pullers for either or summit racing also carries pullers.

Re: motobecane 50v crank seals

I've been using a puller...

The flywheel finally gave, but the clutch has not, does anyone have any tips to help break it free?

Re: motobecane 50v crank seals

Use some penetrating oil, try using a torch to heat it up if nothing else works.

Re: motobecane 50v crank seals

As mentioned, heat, penetrant and time will help. But if you want to try pursuading it..

Install the puller and get it good and tight. With some propane heat on the center of the flywheel, rap the outer rim with a rubber mallet - just don't beat it! Try the same on the end of the puller, but use a brass hammer - or at least a piece of aluminum or copper between the hammer and the puller.

Then, tighten the puller some more, and repeat. If the puller is very tight, and it's still not moving, let it sit and cool down. Try it again the next day - sometimes just a couple sessions, the heating and cooling cycles will get it loose.

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