Uber Project

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I will give it a go.

I picked this bike up last week and I am really getting excited about getting into the scene. The bike runs decent, but it needs a little work. I am in the process of getting new tires and other things that I know I can replace (trying to get the rust off with steel wool, etc.).

I wanted to know if anyone has an idea of what model this bike is. The only markings on it are at the front behind the head light. It just says the serial number and Batavus intercycle and a Stamped 1980.

I am trying to get a repair manual and some other pointers.

Another issue it has is the brake lights/headlamp doesn't work. The brake light stays on (not sure if it is suppose to, but it doesn't change when the brakes are used). I thought it was a wire configuration, but the horn works. Replaced the front bulb with no success.

If anyone can scoot me in the right direct that would rock.




Re: Uber Project

there's a couple Batavus manuals HERE break> i see an owner's manual and repair manual..

as for the exact model, try and match it up to a bike in the Photos section.

while you're waiting around for some Batavus owner to help with the specific things you've mentioned, use the "Search" link above..

Re: Uber Project

Hm, what an inadvertently great photograph.

Re: Uber Project

heh.. you got a good eye..

Re: Uber Project

Jason Luther /

i was thinking the same thing. looks like the alamo in pee-wees big adventure. basement?

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