Peugot Flywheel puller needed!!!

I need a screw in flywheel puller for the Peugot 103SP or Variator seris engines.

My 2 prong is benging the flywheel!!! anfd it wiill not come off!

If i cannot get a puller i will have to Grind down the case to get to the back of the flywheel to use my gigantic 3 prong puller.

Re: Peugot Flywheel puller needed!!!

Re: Peugot Flywheel puller needed!!!

flywheels are delicate.. the proper puller pulls at the center-hub and not around the perimeter for a good reason. Unless you can rig up a puller that works similar to the genuine article, buy a puller.

A long search for the correct large, fine, metric threaded parts to make a puller was not sucessful. So, what i've done in the past is weld a large, common nut to a flywheel's (or other sort of wheel's) hub. Then use any bolt that fits that nut as the pusher element ..

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