Horn on when engine is running

Dave Peterson /

I got my Puch Limited Edition Magnum running after replacing the points. The problem is that the horn is always on. I checked the horn switch with a tester and it seems to work fine.

Do i have a short somewhere or a dead short to ground?

Any help would be appreciated, Skipjaz

Re: Horn on when engine is running

sounds like a short to ground between the horn and the switch.

Depends on how the horn is hooked up I guess!

Re: Horn on when engine is running

i just got the same problem. i found something interesting though. i got pissed and just took the horn off, since i really don't need it. then i was driving along and pressed the horn just to see what would happen. heh, instant kill switch. the whole thing just shut down. fyi.

Re: Horn on when engine is running

Pretty sure I know what is wrong here...

Your horn switch is bad - it's stuck in the open position, or just making weak contact. On a puch, the ignition power is routed through the horn circuit, and the switch operates in a reverse-fashion.

The switch is normally closed, and acts like a short across the horn. When you press the button, the switch opens and allows current to flow through the horn, making it sound.

If there is no horn, when you press the button, you open the ignition circuit and the engine loses spark and dies.

Hope this helps.

Re: Horn on when engine is running

Dave Peterson /

I replaced that switch last night, haven't tried to run the moped yet. I will keep you posted. Thanks, Skipjaz

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