throttle on 1980 TESTI Comfort

I got my 1980 Testi Comfort to start yesterday after cleaning the carb and changing the oil. however, after starting it now idles really low and dies when you back down on the throttle. i know there is a screw to adjust the speed of idling, but adjusting this did nothing. any ideas?

Re: throttle on 1980 TESTI Comfort

Maybe your air filter is clogged and needs to be washed or replaced?

On a related note, I hope you'll forgive me for saying that "Testi Comfort" has to be the worst bike name I've ever heard. On the other hand, it wouldn't make a bad name for a jockstrap-- "The Testicomfort, new from Hanes. Athletic supporters will never be the same!" OK, I'm done now.

Re: throttle on 1980 TESTI Comfort

its seat just kicks ass.. Thats all

Re: throttle on 1980 TESTI Comfort

The idle speed screw certainly should do something.. it actually opens the throttle slightly and is no different than turning the throttle grip..

Look close at what happens when that screw is turned.. it may not be the idle speed screw at all. Adjust idle speed (and, if available, the idle air:fuel mixture, ) only on a hot engine. Otherwise the hot engine won't idle when you come to a stop sign.

And i like the idea of a manufacturer who values comfortable testes..

Re: throttle on 1980 TESTI Comfort

It's actually called a Testi CoNfort. It's written in half cursive, and confusing the N for a M is easy. Although Confort makes absolutely no sense at all.

Re: throttle on 1980 TESTI Comfort

weird.. seems to be both Italian and French. Maybe two companies colaborated on it or some international company targeted french and italian buyers?

Thanks to Google translate function:

Italian to English .. Testi CoNfort = CoNfort Witnesses

French to English .. Confort = Comfort

So.. we got a "comfortable witness" which makes no sense.. Or maybe "witness comfort" (observe comfort) which makes some sense i guess..

Re: throttle on 1980 TESTI Comfort

Some of the parts on Testi's were Italian and some were French. It's kind of goofy, but they are great bikes.

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