Odd noise at low speed.

04, Targa LX, 530 miles, Technigas, 58jet, and 25 front sprocket.

I just started my bike up yesterday and went for a ride. I noticed that at low speed/low rpm there's a noise that almost sounds like sand spraying up in the front fender. However, this noise is coming from the motor. It only lasts for a short period, but i have no idea what's causing it. I'm running about a 40:1 mixture.

I know it was humid yesterday. My bike would barely top-out. However, if this noise is a big problem waiting to happen could someone let me know?



Re: Odd noise at low speed.

stock engine? why run 40:1? rich with oil makes your bike slow down and carbon to build up (not a problem unless it gets under the rings)

Re: Odd noise at low speed.

Engine's the 50cc, but i run with the oil injection. Then, I throw a cap-full of oil into the tank and swirl it around a bit. So it's around 40:1.

Hmm... maybe that sound I'm hearing is the burned off oil "pinging" as it hits the exhaust tube. That could explain the "sand on the fender" noise.


Re: Odd noise at low speed.

Any other suggestions?


Re: Odd noise at low speed.

Dan your description fits exactly what is happening with my 64cc polini maxi i just couldn't put it into words.lol.I had a large jet in there for breakin and would get the sand sound which i thought was pinging around 25mph. It seamed to happen when i let off the gas.

I did a plug chop today and found i was rich.I dropped it one jet size and the sand moved up to around 34mph Much less pronounced though it still also 4 strokes, but that also moved up to higher rpms I'm going to chop again tomorrow and probably drop another size I'm also runninig 40:1 oil,bi turbo and 14 mm carb. with 16/40 sprockets.Jim

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