Sachs brake lights

I recently aquired a 1980 Sachs G3 Tank Top. I can't seem to get the brake lights working properly. I found the diagram doing a search of this site and can't read the details on it. My brake light is on all the time. If I connect the front brake light switch wires together and engage the rear brake the light goes out? I not sure which switch is normally open or normally closed. any ideas? Thanks. DT

Re: Sachs brake lights

For the handlebar switches, normally open switches are supposed to have a black tip, and normaly closed switches have a white or metal tip. I'd check it with a continuity tester to be sure.

There should be annother switch connected to your brake rod, you have to move it to adjust when it turns on or off. has 2 sachs manuals, if you want to check them.

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