MORE 78 Puch Questions?!?!?!

Several of you recomended that i clean the gas tank before i attempt a start... i agree as it appears to be pretty shady in there, and somewhat varnished!! but what is the best way to go about this???? any ideas?? ALSO what sort of oil do you use in the gear box on these PUCHS?? is just 90 w gear oil ok?? and my piston deffinetly is a little stuck in the cylinder i have been fogging it with WD-40 from top end side as well as into the intake, but i want to use a better penetrating oil, and recomendations here?? or any other secret techniques to getting pistons UNSTUCK!?!?!?!? thanks any help is greatly appreciated!!!!


Re: MORE 78 Puch Questions?!?!?!

Also where do you add and drain the gear box on a the Honda Express's?? and what is the recomended oil here??? its a '77 Express!!!

Re: MORE 78 Puch Questions?!?!?!

go HERE and grab a couple manuals.. they should answer a lot of questions.

Use this forum's "Search" function.. there's been a whole lot of past conversation about topics like freeing pistons as well as tank cleaning, etc.

Re: MORE 78 Puch Questions?!?!?!

the oil i foud works best is... Marval Mystery Oil

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