Barely bent wheel

I have a spoked front wheel on my puch and its just off true. the bearings are fine its just that the rim is ever so slightly bent so when the whole wheel spins its kinda wobbly. anyone know how to tighten the spokes to adjust the rim? also anyone know an easy way to change the tire without the tire removal tool?

Re: Barely bent wheel

Don Pflueger /

you tighten the spokes on the side that is bent inward to pull it out. just dont over do it. without a truing stand, its easy to make it worse.

Re: Barely bent wheel

id take it to a shop and see what they would charge to true the wheel. or get a new wheel.

Re: Barely bent wheel

George Smith /

ebay is good for wheels if truing is too much

Re: Barely bent wheel

go HERE and read .. This page is about wheel building from scratch but just the "Tensioning and truing" section, bout half way down, should give you a good idea what to do.

Notice that half the spokes are attached to the left side of the hub and half to the right side... and each spoke has an adjustment nipple where it goes into the rim. (Buy a spoke wrench that fits your spoke nipples at a bicycle shop)

If you _tighten a left-spoke_ it pulls that section of the rim to the left. _Loosening a right-spoke_ in that same area also lets the rim move towards the left.

So, to move a section of rim to the left, you tighten a few nearby left spokes and loosen a couple right spokes.. 1/4 or 1/2 a turn at a time.. tighten this one, loosen that one, etc..

The whole thing is confusing at first .. left right up and down tighten loosen .. it all sorta melts together..

but if all you need is minor adjustments and you're careful and take your time you can end up with a really straight wheel..

Re: Barely bent wheel

i had the same problem and i took i to a bicycle shop and they trues it for me

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