Vespa Ciao Died...Need Help!


I just purchased a 1974 vespa ciao with 154 miles on it. When i tested it at the guys house it ran fine, accelerated fine, and everything.

But today 2 days later, after adding some fresh gas and oil mixture i was riding, and got about 1-2 miles away from home and all of a sudden a loud metallic rattaling started, and the engine lost power slowly. First down to 20, then 15 then 10 then just shut off.

I'm new to mopeds, and need peoples help in finding out a solution.



Re: Vespa Ciao Died...Need Help!

Bruce Wilkinson /

Try this first. Take the top plastic cover footboard over the engine off. The airbox is near the rear, it's black, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Did it pop off ? If it did then open the clamp a little bit and wiggle it back on. There should be a round wire screen in side the opening of the box. Tighten the clamp back tight. If the airbox did not pop off then it's something else. bruce

Re: Vespa Ciao Died...Need Help!

Check the torque on your head bolts. Sounds like they may have been loose and just blew and you head lost all compression! Be careful to not overtorque them. The torque is relatively low.

Re: Vespa Ciao Died...Need Help!

Pierce Doerr /


I'll try looking into these two possibilities soon, and get back.

Thanks for the help. This online community sure is super! pierce

Re: Vespa Ciao Died...Need Help!

Pierce Doerr /


so i took off the side covers and the plastic foot board cover.

when snooping around after taking off the left side cover i noticed that the back circular disc that the belt turns on was just hanging out with no nut holding it on and the middle was all chewed up, so i'm thinking this is probably the problem. the nut came loose and therefore the belt didn't have much more tension, and thus the ped slowed down. sound right? lets just hope it will start if i can replace this part.

my question now is, what is this piece called, and is it easy to replace?


Re: Vespa Ciao Died...Need Help!

Bruce Wilkinson /

I think I understand what you're saying. The rear pulley came loose and the normal 'straight sided slot that holds the pulley in place has been rounded so it turns and doesn't lock in place. You'll need to order the rear pulley, and the nut and washer if you lost them. zippymopeds will have the parts.bruce

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