removing carb on Peugeot 102

I recently got a peugeot 102 and have been having some problems that I think might be associated with a clogged carb. I'm having trouble figuring out how to remove it and have been unable to find any helpful guides. If someone could point me the right way I would be very grateful!!!!!!!

Re: removing carb on Peugeot 102

Hmmm, I dunno about a 102, but on a 103, it takes a 10mm socket to take off the carb from the intake manifold. The cables come off by taking off a set screw, which releases the cable. Then close the fuel valve and take a cup and quickly pull out the fuel hose from the carb and let the excess fuel run into the cup. Then just pull it off, dissasemble it, and soak it in carb cleaner. Just a tip, go to a lawnmower store of Home Depot and buy a fuel filter for a lawnmower, this will prevent future carb blockage.

Good Luck!!!

Re: removing carb on Peugeot 102

Thanks alot man. where do I put the fuel filter?

Re: removing carb on Peugeot 102

I have a 102 and the carb is exactly the same as a 103.

There are manuals you can get for the 103 and it will cover 90% of what you need for the 102 including how to pull apart the carb.

Btw what was the problem?

Good luck


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