hey guys,

i recently hit a huge bump on my 1987 tomos sprint. i caught some air, crashed, and destroyed my speedometer and odometer in the process. i was wondering if somebody knew how to fix it. is there a part that usaly goes bad when this happens or something?

much love and appreciation

Re: speedomitor

I guess I don't understand the question.. if you destroyed the speedo / odo, I would assume you would just replace it. No?

Re: speedomitor

Walter Kravitz /

My buddy wrecked my bike trying to do a wheelie and the front wheel came off... haha serves him right. The speedo drive cable was ripped away and lost some parts. Ive spent a while trying to jerry rig it, but to no avail... Just suck it up and get a new unit, and dont catch anymore air.

Re: speedomitor

Speedos generally consist of 3 assemblies working together: drive unit on the wheel, cable, and the instrument itself. Sounds like you're going to need at least one of the three.

And figure out why the wheel came off, for cripes sake!

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