'89 pa50 ignition

This will seem ridiculous, but this bike has been recovered from the scrap yard. having looked at the owners manual on mopedriders, and downloaded the shop manual. i am looking at the electrics on my 89 model. What is missing is any form of ignition switch. It is not like the pictures in the 83 owners manual with the round headlight (ign looks to be mounted in the rear of the headlight), but it has a square headlight housing right in front of the steering fork. It does have a small keyswitch mounted of the headset, but with no wires running to/from it i can only guess it is a steering lock. there is also no kill switch. Any ideas......?

Re: '89 pa50 ignition

First i've heard of it but i aint no honda historian.

"HERE":http://www.mopedarmy.com/photos/brand/22/1202/ is a '79 in the Photos section with the square headlight ... missing front fender so i dunno if it was modified or what. Missing the front fork horn-cover plastic too..

But this page about HONDA mopeds , PA50, etc. shows none with that style.

Headlights are prone to burn out and are expensive to replace .. so if the entire housing were replaced with one from some other bike (maybe an Elite or Express) the ignition switch might be left out.. Maybe the fork headset was replaced, including the bars.. so no kill switch?

Here's a '78 WIRING diagram ..

Re: '89 pa50 ignition

i just did a double take at the year.. you say you got an '89 PA50? (i was thinking '79 for some reason)

i dont think they made them after '83 or so.. you got a photo of that bike? If not, go to the Photo GAllery and match it up.

Re: '89 pa50 ignition

Maybe i should have added its a european Camino, there is a '90 model in the photo gallery, i've emailed the owner.

There isn't very much on the web for these models particularly the later ones, unless you speak numerous european languages.

Cheers Joew for your replies

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