instaling the two-up seat on a maxi

Just got m y buddy seat minus the hardware for mounting it to the rack. just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for rigging this thing up.



Re: instaling the two-up seat on a maxi

If you look at the attached pic ( it came from THIS Puch Spare Parts manual) you can see the long seat's got a different seat post and it looks like the underside of the seat should have two attachment studs mounted on it in proper position.

Also looks like the luggage rack has an extra bar to attach the seat's rear end with an extra little triangular bracket. Under that spot on the luggage rack is additional support.. looks like it bolts to the fender. The long-seat rack also has support bars below so it can carry some weight.

if it was me and this picture had some relationship to the bike, i'd cut, bend, drill and weld up whatever was needed, and try to conform to the way Puch seems to prefer to do it. Otherwise it looks like several additional pieces are needed, including a different luggage rack.


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