Ciao spark

So my Ciao runs fine, but after it gets warmed up, it's hard to start. I found out that it's getting no spark. If you pedal fast enough, it will spark and start up, but will die shortly thereafter.

What could be causing a finicky spark?

Re: Ciao spark

Do you mean is starts fine when cold?

But once it's warmed up it can't be restarted because of an ignition problem.. no spark.. and you confirmed this no-spark condition by grounding the plug to the engine and you can see no spark?

Re: Ciao spark

Yeah yeah, it starts fine when it's cold. And yes, I confirmed no spark.

Could this be condenser or ignition coil by chance?

Re: Ciao spark

i dunno.. seems that some borderline-condensers do tend to fail when hot. Coils get weak but they are usually mounted away from heat sources.


heat-related no-spark conditions.. can't be many.. it's kinda rare in my experience. I'd make sure about the diagnosis..

Test run the bike till its hot and wont start and pull the plug.. examine the plug for signs of wet fouling or dry/no fuel delivery.. Then test for spark with a new spark plug (or one I know can spark) ..

Re: Ciao spark

does the speedo work and how many miles on the odometer?

I have points and condensors and flywheel puller if you need them. EMail me if you need parts.

Re: Ciao spark

The speedo does not work unfortunately.

You'll probably be recieving an order in the next couple of days.



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