broken carburator need help!!

i was cleaning out my carburator on my murray 1982 moped and somehow i screwed up the throttle valve so it sticks open when i pull back on the throttle i have no idea why it is doing this and help would be apreciated. i have never taken the carburator apart before so i didnt really know what i was doing, i just wanted to give it a good cleaning.

thanks any suggestions are welcome i have plenty of time to work on this, just not plenty of $$$!

Re: broken carburator need help!!

you got plenty of time? good..

Take it apart .. reassemble it.. this aint rocket science.. more like putting together a model rocket..

What kind of carb is it .. maybe someone with a similar one can help.

or go HERE and grab the Murray Service manual and help yourself.. Exploded view on page 49 ..

Re: broken carburator need help!!

nevermind its wasted i need a new one, anyone want to sell a carb.? or mabye you can offer me for the whole stupid bike, runs fine exept the problem above

Re: broken carburator need help!!

It's a Bing carb, and a fairly common style, too..

So what did you do to it? Unless you broke the body or something, parts should not be a problem.

Re: broken carburator need help!!

hey putting together model rockets can be tough too...haven't you seen that movie orange sky or whatever the hell

Re: broken carburator need help!!

hes missing that top piece that holds the sping down and loaded, he tried to use washers,

help me if you can by looking in performance and look for amf roadmaster with ethan as the author

it will have spark but when i try to start it with spark plug in no luck, no purring,

when spark plug is out of the port the thing purss?

any ideas on what to do?

i want it to kick over and start without pedaling, when i stop pedaling or let the clutch out the motor dies out?

help me and any manuals? 1983 amf roadmaster, all stock

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