NGK Plugs

I've got a 1980 Grande and put in an NGk B6HS

spark plug. Rode it about 150 miles, and it started

running like it was going to die on me. Took out the

plug, put in another B6HS plug and it runs fine. Do

you think it will do it again at around 150 miles, and

does anyone know why it might be happening ? Thanks.

Re: NGK Plugs

are your plugs covered in black soot? you could be fouling them, but then again you might have just gotten a bad set of plugs, they came in a two pack right?

Re: NGK Plugs

🦺πŸ₯‡b to the MOPO 🚨🚨🚨 eff /

If it didn't break outright, the problem was probably either fouling or the gap changing. Did you check the spark plug gap and look for fouling?

Re: NGK Plugs

Excuse my ignorance, but how do you tell ifa plug

is fouled ?

Re: NGK Plugs

Assuming it's just fouling (and not melting :)

plug needs to be gapped correctly, installed and torqued properly.

ignition has to be in good shape.. capable of delivering a strong spark. Ignition wires, plug wire, points and timing, etc.. everything's gotta be working right.

Too much oil in the fuel mix can foul plugs. Does the bike smoke a lot? oil dripping from the tail pipe?

Running too rich due to carb problems can foul plugs. A perpetually, partially closed choke might do it too.

so, first tune the bike up .. if everything else is working properly and the problem persists, get a hotter plug.

NGK B5HS is hotter than the B6HS. (NGK B7HS is colder)

The plug heat range should be hot enough to keep the plug clean when everything esle is in tune... heat range will not normally affect how the engine otherwise performs.

Re: NGK Plugs

In general, an even, black, sooty deposit - all one color, and covering most of the end of the plug. Could also be black, wet & oily.

Are you sure it takes a B6 and not a B5? The 6 is one range colder.

Re: NGK Plugs

aww damnit, some young putz at Canadian Tire told me that the B7 is hotter than the B6 and i spent $6.70 for a pair :(

what a shame...

Re: NGK Plugs

Err, yep.. he's wrong. With NGK, the lower the number, the hotter the plug.

Fwiw, I'm a huge NGK fan, but none of the local car places stock the B?HS series. I'm using Bosch W8AC for $1.09 US, from AutoZone.Seems to work perfectly in the Moby 50V. Cheap as dirt, and miles better than a Champion.

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