Honda Express driving me nuts

So i've been working on my honda express for about 3 months now and haven't gotten it to spark once. Here are the things that i have done..

1.) Replaced the points with brand new ones and gapped them correctly

2.) Replaced the Ignition coil

3.)Replaced the spark plug 2 times

4.) Replaced the ignition switch with a new one

I still can't get it running. Everything appears to be in good shape and i am ready to explode. Any help would be great.


Re: Honda Express driving me nuts

Jonas Quimby /

My guess?

Eather you've got a pinched wire somewhere or you wired the key in wrong.

The wiring of the Express is a little odd, so be sure to grab the wire diagram off the net and check it.

Re: Honda Express driving me nuts

Leon Swarmer /

You haven't mentioned checking the wires to the kill switch,

battery terminals or the fuse off the battery..

You do have a battery in it don't you. You don't want to start it without one.


Re: Honda Express driving me nuts

Diego perez /

the battery connector thing is all screwed up. I ordered another battery and it didn't have a connector thing on it and i can't find one so i tried to get it on but it just ain't going, so i'm not starting it with a battery i know i can blow the headlight, but i've been working on this bike for 2 years and i haven't made any progress.

Re: Honda Express driving me nuts

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

grab a wiring diagram like they said and also get a meter and check continuity between all connections on the bike. if the problem isnt fixed once the battery issue is taken care of it would be a good bet that the wiring harness is right f'ed up.

Re: Honda Express driving me nuts

Possibly you have a bad coil in the magneto, or the wiring in there is faulty or shorted. don-ohio (:^D

Re: Honda Express driving me nuts

Diego perez /

ok so i studied the wiring diagram.. Now inorder to make it so all of the electricity is just in the coil and the magneto i can't figure this out. There is a green wire and a black wire coming out of the coil which do i unplug? the green is the ground? so i assume the black just goes everywhere else. I'm positive that there is a pinched wire somwhere along the bike. How do i go about just getting this thing running? do i just rewire it myself? thanks.


Re: Honda Express driving me nuts

Does the bike have a seprate condesor or is it part of the coil if it's seprate I'ld replace it after getting the batt. installed.Jim

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