Turn signal sending unit

Hi guys. I'm a new kid on the block. I recently purchaced a 1979 Tomos Silver Bullet and turn signals are inopertive. There is a black box on rhe right side of moped, that contains, who knows what? I think thats the problem. Where can I by a new box of or the contents there of.

Thanks for any help I can get. also need a rear vision mirror.

Denny in Michigan

Re: Turn signal sending unit

Don't bother getting a new box, the turn signals are inoperative most likely because the wiring is messed up or the batteries are dead. Replace them with D cells, rechargeable one's if you can find them. Rear-view mirrors can be purchased at most bike stores for under $15 for a pair.

Re: Turn signal sending unit

Don Pflueger /

there should be batteries in that box. get parts from www.ikesbikes.com

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