my problems begin with....i have a handfull of wires from the engine. i have a handfull of wires from the coil. i have a hand full of wires from diferent switches. can anyony tell me which wires i need to have a spark, and wich ones i should run to the tail light and headlight, wich hasent worked since i got the thing. i am trying to get rid of all un-neccesary wires and switches. thanks everyone for any help.

Re: wiring

Well, going from the bad assumption that it is actually a moped- you didn't mention a brand, make, model, year or what motor you have-

you need a wire from the magneto to the coil

wire from the magneto to the lights

a ground.

Switch on the head light is optional because you should run it all the time.

there should be brake switches to turn the tailight (stop light) on and off, so I'd sugest using those.

I think you could get more specific awnsers with a little mor information.

Re: wiring

Don Pflueger /

what make and model bike?????

Re: wiring

John Larson /

im retarded...sorry.

it's a 77 flandria bermuda.

it could be mistaken for a motobecane.

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