Columbia commuter

I have two columbia' starts and the other nothin...the one that does run only goes for about 10 min..then boggs down and cuts off. then it will restart after a while..but still cuts off after the same ammount of time.I tried to adjust the throttle top no avail..It idles fine but when it seems to be running good and warm it shuts off...

the other I am going to wait to try to fix just because I already have two bikes out of commission...

hopefully I can figure them out and ride soon..the weather is getting too nice.


joe shupp

Re: Columbia commuter


Did you mix gas 50:1 stroke oil before putting it in the tank? If not, that is the problem.

Cylinders shut down when they over heat. When they over heat, it means that it doesn't have oil getting to them. Maybe someone nearly drove that engine to the ground. If that's the case, try something like 40:1 for the 1st tank. If that doesn't work, try a couple of small capfuls of Toulene (found in paint shops) in with a 50:1 gas/oil mixture.


Re: Columbia commuter

In hindsight, it would probably be better if you put in a 50:1 gas/oil mixture alongside with 2 small capfuls of Toulene first. Put in only 2 cups worth total, so that you can burn it all out and try throttling. (Try spraying starting fluid in there while it's running as well.) After that's all out, put in a 50:1 mixture and put in a new spark plug.


Re: Columbia commuter

sounds good ..thank you very much.


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