puch start up problem.

my girlfriend and i rode all around cape cod today. towards the end of our trip her bike began to stall. she got it started again and then it stalled out yet again. after that we couldnt get it started. going up hills has been hard for her, too. it starts to idle really low and sometimes stall.

we tried SO many different things including changing spark plugs, adding gas, draining and readding gas, priming the carb, choke, letting it sit while we drank beer and ate pizza.

it has run 100% PERFECT until today. i have a few inclings: dirty carb, ignition timing (which i have no idea how to work on, esspecially on a puch)?

i'd love to have some help here.. she needs it to get to work!

Re: puch start up problem.

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You have to start with the basics and check the fuel flow out of the gas tank and then to the carb. You then need to disassemble and clean the carb thoroughly, making sure the main jet is clear.

Re: puch start up problem.

that's a tough one.. sudden trouble might mean something got loose or broke.

After a failed attempt to start, examine the spark plug's tip. wet or dry? This should indicate if too much or too little fuel is being delivered. (dirt in the carb can cause either)

If the plug is dry, check fuel flow through filters and screens, etc.

If wet (aside from carburation trouble) there could be ignition trouble.. start off with the points .. file them clean if dirty.

While your in there check ignition timing.. it may have slipped..

And it's not unknown that the flywheel keyway key (woodruff key) has sheared ..

Check all nuts and bolts, especially around the carburetor and exhaust.. head bolts too. Any kinda air leaks can do it.

you wanna get lucky and find something obvious..

Re: puch start up problem.

Invest in a fuel filter if you don't already have one. Check fuel tank for rust and obstructions. You said it just came out of nowhere so maybe your air filter sucked it something and is restricting air flow? Sounds like you may be bogging down

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