QT50 poor brake performance

Well I'm here in NYC and the QT is running great, but the brakes are really not doing all that well. I replaced the brakes last year and I've only run it like 50 miles since then, but here's the problem, and I want to know if anybody's done anything like this before...

The insides of the drums were REALLY pitted up from years of improper storage, but I just threw new pads in and said screw it. Well now I tighten, and they dont' work and they get worse and the pad goes away - I fugured the insides of the drum were SO rough that they were eating the pads, and that seemed to be the case.

SooooOO I de-spoked the front hub and thew it in the lathe and bored it out about an additional 0.015" which got rid of 99% of the rust, but performance still sucks.. Of course I don't have much pad left, so I TIG welded a steel shim on to each pad where it contacts that little rotating cam. I re-spoked it fine, really true now. Brakes are Better, but I think I still need new pads.

HAS ANYBODY turned this style of brake drum and what were the results? 15 grand isn't much to remove if you ask me, so do people think it's just a matter of new pads? I also know the rear drum needs it too...

Anybody got thoughts?

Andy Baker

Re: QT50 poor brake performance


i didnt know i wasnt the only one with a qt50 in nyc . i have a question, how do i replace my brakes on my qt50?

thanks j

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