77 Express, electrical troubles

Hello everyone, first off I'm new to these forums, and in fact, a new moped owner, so please excuse me if any of my questions seem too rudimentary. I recently got a 77 honda express for the ever so lovely price of FREE. It has been sitting for a few years, but the former owner claimed it ran when she parked it. I am having trouble with it, as far as not getting any spark, I replaced the battery, cleaned and gapped the points, and replaced the spark-plug. There was also some wiring issues in the headlight/Ignition switch area. Which I hoped I addressed properly, but there is still a problem, and before I run out and spring for a new coil or condenser, I wanted some help to make sure the wiring is right. If anyone has experience with this make/model, I'd sure appreciate the help. Specificly related to what should be getting power when the key is on. Thanks in advance.

Re: 77 Express, electrical troubles

Jonas Quimby /

The wiring in the headlight is slightly differant then one would expect. Traditional methods of hotwiring them will result in shorting out the electrical system and give you no spark.

There is a wire diagram on the net floating around if you'd like to take another stab at hooking things up.

Glad you got a new battery, you need one to keep your lights from burning out.

Also check out my "garage sale express" guide if you need more help once you have spark. It covers all the basics for a stored Express.

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